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27 May 2023

You may find this post very interesting or complete theoretical garbage particularly when I tell you it comes with a health warning. It may hurt! Thinking too deeply can be painful. 

I am starting with 3 statements:

1  We need to continue thinking about our MH in order to learn more about it. This will aid our understanding of how our mind works and hopefully improve our MH. (S1)

2  We should not spend too much time thinking about  how we behave or our emotions, as we can over analyse and make our MH worse. (S2)

3  Don’t believe everything you are thinking. (S3)

I think (!) there is truth in all 3 statements. The obvious link between them is that they all include the word “thinking”.  However, S1 seems to be contradicted by S2. Also S1 is made more difficult by S3.  

Statement 1

A tremendous amount of thought has gone into the thousands of Moodscope blogs posted over the last 10 years. Much has been said on how people feel about their MH. One reoccurring theme is how we accept and manage it. In order to do this we need to gain more understanding. So we must think, verbalise and share our MH experiences. That seems to validate S1. 

Statement 2

We all have so many things going on in our lives. To become almost totally engrossed in one aspect has to be at the expense of other aspects. For example, if you are in a long time relationship and decide to sail around the world for many months it seems inevitable that the relationship will suffer. So if we concentrate most of the time thinking about our MH other parts of our life will suffer. This is called over- thinking and may in fact be detrimental to good MH. 

Statement 3

I first came across this phrase a couple of years ago. It came with the realisation that some thoughts can easily be factually incorrect. This is important if your poor MH is leading your mind to dwell on many negative thoughts. These can be changed using a ‘negative thought sheet’. I mentioned this in my Post dated January 2022.                   .


Because there is truth in each statement we need to be aware of each one and their interaction. So although I am a firm believer in S1 I am aware that I could spend too much time thinking and analysing matters concerning my MH. If that happens then it is likely the sentiments expressed in S2 could apply. So what I am really saying is that a balance needs to be attained between the S1 and S2. Also we need to keep in mind of the words of S3.

What do you think?


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