This old dog can learn new tricks.

28 Aug 2015

Over a year ago when I first found the moodscope website, I wondered what I could learn from such a site. After 40 years of living with a diagnosis of bipolar I felt I knew all about moods and mental health. How could doing a graph or reading blogs help me. Sounds arrogant and I am probably exaggerating my reaction a bit.

I started charting my moods about twice a week then four times a week then every day. I started thinking about how anxious I was, how guilty I felt, how inspired I was and how active I felt. My partner started saying I am sure today would be over 70%. I found it gave more words than saying I feel low or I feel happy. It was useful.

After about 7 months I started reading the blogs and found myself addicted to reading every day. I learnt so much from moodscope members. I learnt people can have low moods without being depressed, that people can write well when depressed, that many members have had survived many adversities, that members have so much insight into their illness, that people have so much compassion for others. The collective wisdom of the moodscope members is amazing and so helpful.

I think the quality of the comments always impresses me. Even when people are hurting they take some time and effort into writing a very insightful and caring response.

I think the wide variety of people's experience is its strength as there's such a great reservoir of information and wisdom to draw from. Just by turning my computer on, I can find out about other people's lives, their struggles and their triumphs. The humour and wit of writers both of blog and comments make me smile and laugh.

I like reading members writing their first blog, members who are struggling but want to help others, members who are confused, members who just are trying to make sense of their lives.

I have thouroughly enjoyed being a member of moodscope and have learnt so much.

I feel so privileged to have 'met' through their words a wonderul community of caring people.

Indeed this old dog has learnt some new tricks!

When have you surprised yourself by learning something new when you thought you knew it all?


A Moodscope member

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