This word belongs in the bin

12 Mar 2019

I read that using the word 'should' a lot can cause a low self esteem.

When we use should a lot it puts pressure on ourselves and if people say you should do this or that, we feel we are not good enough the way we are.

I am doing a public service by opening up my big should bin that is not recyclable.

All those should sentences you can put in my bin. They can be ones people say to you or ones you say to yourself.

Here is what I am putting in:

What I say to myself:

I should stop eating chocolates.

I should exercise more.

I should be more organised.

What people say to me:

You should be happy.

You should be more patient.

You should not be so critical.

You should act your age.

Do you have more should sentences of your own or from others?

What will you put in the bin, trash can, waste paper basket or whatever you call it?

Maybe shoulds help you and you can explain how and why?


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