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24 Nov 2022

At 61, I finally get to be in a Nativity Play!  Many rehearsals get me thinking about the thoughtfulness of the three gifts of the Magi. What three gifts would you give to a friend that had deep significance?

I choose a watch, a magnifying glass, and one of those cuddly teddy bears or animals you can put in the microwave to warm like a hot-water bottle. Whilst I am going to explain my choices, permit me to first share why I love cards more than presents. A well-chosen card can convey such personalisation and thoughtfulness. epitomises great messaging in greetings cards (and, no, I’m not yet on commission!)

Some of our Moodscopers make their own cards – such a powerfully personalised way to make someone feel extra special.

OK, back to the choice of gifts.

The watch represents the time we’d like to give people. Not necessarily even quality time – simply time. My heart was convicted years ago when Brian Tracy said, “What your children want is quantity time, not quality time.” We are all children at heart. Sometimes it is enough to be around without needing to structure an activity or engage in meaningful conversation. Time is a valuable gift.

The magnifying glass represents focus. It’s all about them, not me. The more I learn to shut up and listen, not thinking about what I am going to say next, the richer my understanding of others. What treasures emerge when you shift focus onto the other person and give them space (and time!) to think, pause without interruption, and express themselves.

The microwavable snuggly bear or other animal represents tactile warm and loving contact. Covid has hurt the whole human race when we had to withdraw from physical contact. We have a nervous system that craves physical attention, and that fundamental human need has been denied during these difficult years. We need hugs, to hold hands, to embrace, to be massaged.

The need for human contact is being appropriately complicated by safeguarding. I say, “appropriately,” because we need to be wise. Attention can be easily misunderstood, and none so more than physical attention. However, let us acknowledge that we are made to be close to one another, and wisely greet one another with a wholesome hug!

What gifts would you choose to express your thoughtfulness.


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