Time is a great healer, maybe, but there's something better - music.

24 Sep 2013

Everyone always says give it time, time is a great healer, maybe, but it all depends on what you do with that time.

If you suppress all your emotions, over time you could end up with emotional problems, or even worse, a numbness to what you really should have allowed yourself to feel in the first place. Some things get better with time, such as wine, but generally, something that hurts today will hurt just as much in ten days or ten years unless you deal with it.

The greatest discovery of my life is that music is a great healer and in my opinion a much better one than time. It depends on what you do with it though. If you put songs on that draw you into your problems, it can be good if you need a bit of a cry, but what if you need to cheer up a bit? Music can almost never fail to do this if you choose something that will lift your spirits.

Why don't you make a playlist of uplifting, never fail to make you feel good songs and put them on when you need to heal, when you really need a pick me up. It's something we all know how to do, and we all know we will feel better afterwards, but we don't always remember what an amazing tool music can be to help lift our mood.

I dare you to try 'higher' by Jackie Wilson and see how it changes you mood. The YouTube video of it is bound to make you smile. Trust me!

Time is a great healer, but only if you use your time wisely. Play some great music!

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