Tis the season (part iii).

17 Dec 2017

Week 3 together. Something soothing...

Take a piece of paper, real paper, you will be keeping it. And a pencil because if you listen closely you might find the music from its spine as you scribe is on its own worth a ticket fee.

Can you write out a small list of things which make Christmas work? Did you notice that I did not say what makes Christmas 'Christmas' or what makes Christmas 'special' but what makes Christmas work for us. Once its written, all we need to do is to let time take care of it. I'll start you with mine. And it would be interesting, and maybe helpful for others, to hear yours. My list reads:

To be with a small group of people and to tolerate their differences.

To eat together regardless of what is on the plate.

To sip something special but to value and limit it, water is special to many.

To surprise children with something they had not expected.

To toast those who are no longer at our table but waiting in the next room.

There. Maybe it's not that hard to make Christmas soothing and manageable. The 'right' napkins are not important. We have our lists. Stick yours up and let us all worry less about what does not matter.

Love from

The room above the garage

A Moodscope member.

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