To hold on or to let go.

12 Oct 2015

It was that time of year. My annual (ok sometimes every 2 or 3 years!) clearing through my clothes, discarding excess clothes and giving them to a local charity.

So I put all the clothes that are too tight and all the clothes I haven't managed to wear for ages and packed them into a large bag. I felt good. I can let go.

Then I remembered the dress. It is 4 years older than my oldest child. (My children find it incredible that their fashion challenged mum has clothes older than them!!)

I have not worn in it for over 30 years. It has no real sentimental or fashion value. It is not well made, or even made out of quality material, it was not my wedding dress, it was not worn to my 21st.

So why do I hold onto this dress. There are no significant memories attached to it. Is it because it is from my past that I find it hard to give away. I have tried. I once put it into a bag for charity but retrieved as I was putting it into the charity bin. Pathetic I know.

I decided now was the time. It didn't fit and I hadn't worn it for years, It had to go. I did not feel sad or proud. It was not a big thing. I put it into the bag and watched as my partner drove to the store.

So why did I hold on to that dress for so long. Who knows? Sometimes the thought of letting go is harder than the letting go. I thought about how I also hold on to resentment, anger, and other unhelpful emotions memories and thoughts. What if I applied the same criteria for letting go of my clothes to my thoughts. Of course I can't give them to the charity shop but I can throw them out in the metaphorical garbage.

So how about an annual cleansing of our emotional wardrobe? Put them out on show and get rid of those that don't fit who we are now, and we haven't used/needed for ages.

What would you throw out and what would you keep? Can be real items or abstract ones?

Is there one item, emotion or behaviour you find hard to let go? Why?

Please discuss (sorry can't let go of the teacher in me!)


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