29 Nov 2021

‘Touching’ is a wonderful term that is equally at home describing our emotional state (as in, “I found that touching,”) or being used to describe the physical act of touching something. I hope that for you, as is the case for me, the two seem to be inextricably connected. Often, touch is transformational.

I was enthusiastically ‘mugged’ by a Golden Labrador today and was utterly uplifted by the experience. Yes, I was ‘touched’ emotionally by physical contact with this magnificent being. Anima in the animal.

Touch is important to me. How important Is it to you?

You may be about to have some of your gift list requirements fulfilled. Recently, I purchased a “Fidget Cube” for a friend who seems to be frequently in a highly stressed state. When one is agitated, it’s comforting to have something to do with one’s fingers!

She loved the Fidget Cube. It has five different ‘fidget’ options:

· A two-way switch

· Five dots that can be pressed

· A joystick disc that seems to have four positions

· A rotating dial with a raised portion to give leverage

· A fascinating metal bauble with three rotating cogs above it

The sixth side is static – immovable – calm – like a pause in the chaos.

This thing is amazingly tactile. If you have a high sensory preference for kinaesthetic (touch) stimulation, I think it’s a ‘must have’ gift. I was not sure where I had put the one I went on to buy for myself, so I was feeling a bit stressed, and surprised that this was the case! You may well imagine my relief when I found it! It’s become a comfort.

What textures and physical touch experiences bring you comfort?

As an example to get you sharing, a recent new development in ongoing digestive issues I’ve had since birth has brought me to a fresh appreciation of the efficacy of a well-placed hot-water bottle. Warmth strategically applied!

Let’s finish with a thought about imagination + touch.

This ‘Fidget Cube’ has potential beyond the maker’s intended purpose. I think it’s a mindfulness cube!

I’m now using it like this:

· The two-way switch becomes a reminder to ‘break-state’ – to switch from one focus to another and to escape from an unresourceful state

· The five dots that can be pressed become the triggers to focus on one sense after another to be fully immersed in an experience – to see the brightness of the snow, to hear the way snow dulls all sonic signals, to feel the crunch and the cold, to taste the purity of a snowflake on the tongue, and to enjoy the smell of the rarefied air…

There’s more for me but I sincerely believe that it is far better for you to create your own meanings for such a tool.

Could the MoodCube become a new hit for Moodscope?

Whatever you take from this blog, I hope you will choose a positive tactile-emotive experience today, and I also hope you’ll share your own magic moments when it comes to touch.


A Moodscope member.

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