Towards or Away From?

16 Oct 2015

One thing which is certain in our lives is that there are only ever 24 hours in a day! We cannot extend or reduce them, no matter how hard we may want to try.

I was once made aware of focussing on the things I want more of in my life and to move towards them – think of them, do them, rehearse them, whatever.

The alternative is to focus on what we want to move away from, thus we keep thinking of the things that we do not want.

Why would we want to do that?

It's a bit like the kid walking along the wall and one parent states 'Be careful or you will fall off' and of course with that 'in mind' the child falls off and the parent says 'I told you so'! Negative spiral begins.

The other parent could offer – 'Now focus on the end and balance well and you'll make it'. The child inevitably makes it and we say 'Well done'.

A bit like life really?

We may want to 'move away' from falling off the wall and even by thinking about it, we thus fall off.

So while we may not want to be; depressed, in an unhappy relationship, in a tired state, in the job we are in, the more we say we do not want that and want to move away from it, we inevitably feel worse simply by thinking about it and mouthing our concerns.

If however we focus on how we wish our lives to change – move towards - our subconscious will get on with making that happen.

Move away from people who are energy leaners. I will not be around them,they make me feel awful.

Move towards people are energy lifters. I always want to be in their company, they make me feel great.

Now, imagine a circle containing the days 24 hours. Inside that circle is another circle. Within the smaller circle you have all the things you can influence in life (Circle of Influence) and between that circle and the limit of the bigger circle of 24hrs you have all the things you are concerned about (Circle of Concern).

If we focus on everything that concerns us, what happens to the time we spend focussing on the things we can influence? Yup, it gets smaller, so life gets smaller and 'darker'.

Now switch that and focus on all the things we can influence – the Circle of Concern gets smaller and thus life and our circle of influence gets bigger and life becomes more positive.

Do you have the necessary desire to move towards what makes you feel good about yourself (physical, mental, emotional & spiritual health) and focus on things you can influence, or are you going to sit there and moan to others about why you cannot do 'stuff' and thus continually focus on what you would like to move away from?

Our life is what we make it... isn't it?


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