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20 Jan 2023

I received a Fitbit watch for my birthday which is surprising because people don’t usually buy me presents as there is the mantra, she will either break it or lose it!! This is true.

I am not good with technical things but had tried something to count my steps that I put on my foot but it kept falling off. I find technical things daunting. I was curious as to how many steps I would do in a day as am on my feet a lot and walk everywhere as I don’t drive.

What I didn’t realise is how competitive I would be. People only tell you just casually that they did 17000 steps or they always do 10000 steps.

I found was doing nowhere near ten thousand, despite lots of walking until I was told you need to move the arm that has the watch on it. Who knew. I don’t move my arms when walking unless I am marching, and I gave up marching years ago!

The only time I got to the goal figure was when I stayed up to midnight flapping my arms and walking up and down the length of the house!This showed my heart rate going up as it was not relaxing!!

The watch also has a sleep tracker and other things. Don’t start me on the sleep app thing as we disagree about what sleeplessness is. If I am in bed and wide awake I am asleep, who knew!!

I was wondering could there be more useful apps for me:

- How many times one says sorry in a day.

- How many times I bite my tongue so I don’t say something I will regret later.

- How many times I say the words Where are my {insert phone, glasses, bag, keys or any object I had two minutes ago!!}?

- How many times I say thank you when I mean Why did you do that??

I am wondering what other people feel about such gadgets that track our movements? Maybe you really depend on them or you would not even try one or you can take or leave them? Just for fun can you add to my list of possible apps to ‘improve’ our lives??


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