Traffic light heroes

4 May 2019

Good morning. Good day. Good evening. Whichever it is for you, I wish you good. Do you drive? Whether you do or whether you don't doesn't matter a bit, my point is just as valid on public transport or on foot.

Traffic lights have many blessings for us. Next time you are stopped at some, whether as a driver, a passenger or a walker, feel free to use them for personal benefit. Someone has paid for them and implanted them, and we Knights of mental health can use them.

You might develop a little system whereby any traffic light pause of red signifies something for you. For me (when walking), on red light I take a breath in, slowly rising up on tiptoes and slowly lowering myself back down to my heels as I breathe out. This strengthens my ankle muscles which is often where I have a weakness in my yoga. I can sometimes get two or three cycles in before the light changes to amber, that's when I remind myself of where I'm headed and why, and green sends me onward. Yes, it's a tiny thing! But it's inside the tiny stuff where the magic happens.

Your traffic light rest might remind you to breathe in deeply and breathe out. It might be a cue to recite "all is well, I'm on track" over and over. Perhaps you will use the time to lift your eyes to another and give them your smile and see if you can catch one back.

Traffic lights aren't going anywhere, they are a steady presence in our lives and for us Knights of mental health they can become friends. Lean on them do. Now how about you log your score for today. Don't be scared. You can face it head on. You are a Knight. I will if you will.

Love from

The room above the garage

A Moodscope member.

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