Trivial things that tend to irritate

4 Mar 2022

There are articles about how important little things are in life and about how to try to take baby steps. There are books about how to not sweat the small stuff.

What about acknowledging how annoying some little things are and this differs from person to person.

I find when I try to distract myself from a noise, behaviour, words, smell, or any little thing that really annoys me, I just get more irritable.

As a public service to Moodscopers I will give you the chance to be honest about very small things that get on your nerves.

A few guidelines:

- No names or not saying how you know the person i.e., partner, child, friend etc

- Explain the thing or things and how it annoys you

- Then what you do to stop focussing on the irritating behaviour etc

I do not like people reading over my shoulder, not that I am hiding anything, just being close and looking over my shoulder annoys me.

I must get up and move away because if I tell people not to do that, they tend to call me paranoid.

People who spend more time deciding what they want for lunch when you are waiting behind them, than on who they will vote for an election.

Here is your chance Moodscopers to list a few of your least favourite things, get them off your chest and let me know the trick to putting up with the trivial bits.


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