16 May 2016

Mmmmm. A big word is trust. Not something I feel comfortable with. I mean, if the bus driver says he'll drop me at my road end then I trust him. I trust school will open on time and I trust that the supermarket will arrange supplies so I can feed my children. Those lists are endless. I more mean proper trust. I am in deficit when it comes to that. I feel I am not alone... I feel there are more than a few of us who feel this way. It doesn't matter why, it just matters that we are aware.

I know it's not healthy.

And so I know I must sometimes challenge myself. Prod. Push. Stir.

How? How do we do this without tipping ourselves off balance?

Just begin with you. Trust yourself. It's big enough.

We are not required to throw our trust into the street for all to see. We are not needed to lay out a table of trust for all to sample. It is not expected that we might dress in our trusting robes. It can be small. It can be tenuous. It just has to be a leap of faith that whatever we are wrestling with, we can deal with.

Trust yourself. We can handle it. We can grow here. We can pick up. We can flourish. We can follow our own footsteps. We can forgive ourselves. We can allow ourselves mistakes. We can. Trust it.

Love from

The room above the garage

A Moodscope member.

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