Turn up the tactile 

27 Feb 2022

Comfort seems much needed. Even living physically far away from the harsh truth the world screeches at us, we all need to soften the blows. Here is a small list of stuff to help find the physical feeling of ok. It is limitless and I hope you will add to it, so we can all share in enveloping ourselves into a better day. 


1. A hot water bottle. As a child it was just in the dead of winter and times of ill, I now find any time of day, any season, comfort will be had from the gentle embrace of a weighty hot water bottle. 


2. A sunny spot, however short, even through a window. Close your eyes, get it onto your face and soak it in. 


3. A soft jumper. Put on a warm under layer and cocoon with your softest jumper on top. 


4. A hat in the house? Yes, it is acceptable. A head hug. Why ever not! 


5. A blanket. Any size. Any shape. Any age. They are all good. 

6. Food. There are times to be sensible. There are times to throw out the rule book. 


7. That song. That one. The one that helps your shoulders come down from your ears. Sometimes for me it is The Clash, I Fought The Law.  Sometimes Beethoven Piano Concerto No.5. 

8. Add in more here… 


Love from

The room above the garage

A Moodscope member.

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