Two for the price of one

9 Dec 2022

Have you ever read a blog of mine and not really connected and wished I had chosen a different topic. Sometimes I read a great blog, but I feel I just can’t add anything to it.

What if you had two blogs instead of one?

One may be deeper and one lighter or one may pique your interest. There is a chance that both may disappoint you or both may inspire you to reply. I am going you be brave and take a risk with two questions:

1 How close are you to being who you want to be?

I find this extremely hard as I don’t know who I want to be, let alone who I am now and who I was in the past. Is it easy for you to answer or can you relate to what I wrote? I know people who plan to change and have goals. I feel goals are for Football (soccer) players.

2 What is the most unusual place you have ever slept in?

This maybe light but there could be a serious answer, the place may be far away, exotic or the place itself is not unusual but the context is. I am thinking this may encourage a variety of stories.

My answer was I once slept in bath when I was a student. I arrived later after the person in charge of the place was asleep. I was going to sleep in the TV room but worried someone would dob me in as not having paid. I’ll let you know it was not at all comfortable and I didn’t sleep as I was worried that someone would come in early to use the shower, which was above the bath.

Two blogs instead of one.

Reply to two, reply to one or reply to none.


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