Urma Upset Gets A Surprise.

25 Mar 2018

Urma Upset, the Fruit Bat, was not happy – in fact she was feeling sad and troubled about things. Urma just hung around and moped. And this is how Sandy the Sloth found her, one rainy day, as Sandy slung her way through the Rainforest canopy.

"Wassup' Urma?" lisped Sandy s-l-o-w-l-y... after all, there was no rush.

"Everyone – except you – seems to see the jungle a different way, Sandy. No one gets me like you do. I'm out of sorts with the World!"

"That's because you've not yet met your sisters!" said Sandy, with a wink.

"My sisters?"

"Yes, Urma Upset, you need to meet your sisters: Skillset and Mindset! It's easy to get separated from them in this forest, and you've been lost to one another from before you can remember. But as luck would have it, I bumped into them last evening. Follow me..."

And off they slothed!

Soon enough they came to where Skillset and Mindset were just hanging together.

"Setup!" they cried together at the joy of seeing their sister.

"My name is Upset!" said Urma.

"Yeah, to everyone else," they replied. They seemed to think and speak at the same time.

"To us, you'll always be 'Sister Setup for Success'!"

Urma smiled at this, but she didn't really understand.

The other sisters seemed to read her confusion and so went on to explain.

"Skillset," said Skillset pointing to herself, "without Mindset," pointing to her sister, "Leads to Upset! But Skillset WITH Mindset leads to Setup for Success!! You've been hanging with the wrong kinda folks, and seeing things the wrong way up! What you've missed is a bit of Skillset and Mindset!!!"

Urma grinned. They were right. She'd just been focusing on the wrong company, thinking about all the things she couldn't do, and, of course, feeling down. What she needed, she now knew, was to throw herself into learning a new skill, and to combine this with thoughts of what was possible so that she could have a more empowering and energising Mindset.

"Every time I feel sad and troubled in future," Urma said, "I'll find something new to learn, and adopt a Mindset where I believe in myself to see myself through the difficult time as I always have done. I know that I've always found a way out of every upsetting situation in life so far, so I guess that sets me up to be stronger and ever-more resilient! I feel well and truly Setup for a great day ahead!"

What new skill could you learn today to get yourself Setup for future success?


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