Wanting a giant giraffe

15 Oct 2020

A few months ago I saw a huge soft giraffe that went up to my hips and instantly wanted it and loved it. When I arrived home I told my partner thinking he would know what I needed, but predictably he said there was no room.

A few days later it was gone and while I was a bit disappointed that intense wanting phase was over.

Have you ever been in a shop where a child wanted a toy or other object that their parent will not buy? They start just asking then demanding then screaming then full blown tantrum throwing knocking items over and lying on the floor kicking. If the child is verbal they start the negotiation - I really want this I will never ask for anything again - then when that fails they start trying to guilt their parents - my brother got something for $20 and mine is only $10. The nagging and the screaming intensify.

My parents would not buy me some Derwent pencils as they said they were too expensive, and I was so bad at colouring in why I would need such expensive pencils. For my 50th birthday I bought myself a 24 pack of Derwent pencils.


That feeling that you really want something is not restricted to children but as adults we can buy it for ourselves or reason, we do not really need it.

I wonder if anyone has had that experience as an adult or a child of something they really wanted but were not allowed it? Did you eventually get what you wanted? If you didn’t get it how did you feel afterwards.

If I see another giant giraffe, I will buy it, or maybe I will just throw a tantrum.


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