We Find What We Look For.

26 Mar 2015

Following last week's blog on 'How Do You Receive the World' and the thought that 'we find what we look for', the words of a song resonated with me.

It's Fred Eaglesmith's 'I'm dangerous' where he continually 'sees' someone who has left him in other people and in his mind.

This is the same as we suddenly start to 'see' the new type of car we are thinking about buying everywhere, the day after we decide that is the one!

I'm Dangerous

Thought I saw you at an unmarked crossing,

Picking flowers at the edge of a lane.

There was dust on my windshield,

I was looking in the mirror,

I was almost hit by a train.

Later on at a four-way stop,

I forgot to take my turn,

I was thinking you were right,

And we had nothing left,

Somebody blew their horn.

I'm dangerous,

I'm dangerous,

I'm dangerous,

To myself.

Yesterday I was out on the bluffs,

Over the ocean blue.

There was a girl swimming,

Splashing in the water,

She sure did look like you.

Before I knew it I was over the edge,

Somebody threw me a line,

Pulled me to safety,

Said, "Man are you crazy?"

I said, "No, I've lost my mind".

I'm dangerous,

I'm dangerous,

I'm dangerous,

To myself.

So darling if you're thinking you need a project,

You might want to lend a hand.

I'm living on the corner,

Of Stupidity and Recklessness,

I'm a dangerous man.

I'm dangerous,

I'm dangerous,

I'm dangerous,

To myself.

How do we stay balanced enough to ensure we actually 'see' what is truly there in front of us and not still in the back of our minds?

How do we avoid the danger zones and stay safe and in the moment Maybe 'mindful' and not 'mindless'.

(Have a listen – it's on his 2012 CD '6 Volts'. A wonderful storyteller of pain and loss.)



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