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12 Mar 2014

A friend recently told me how ashamed she is about her fears for her health. She goes to her doctor often for reassurance. She knows I am the opposite, and felt I would judge her as pathetic.

The fact is, none of my friends are 'normal'. Looking at a list of personality disorders, I can match them all to someone I like/love dearly.

The friend who goes (at her own expense) to work in animal sanctuaries in remote areas of India every year, despite being in her 70's with spinal problems. Yet, she takes a calculator to the supermarket, and sends for the Manager to have a rant at if she thinks she is overcharged by a penny. I would rather have root canal work than go to a restaurant with her (if there are any left where she is not barred!)

The successful businessman who will not let anyone wash his coffee cup in case he is poisoned by detergent, and who hoards bags of crisps in his desk.

A neighbour who mows her grass every day of the year when it doesn't rain, making a hell of a racket, yet will nurse and care for dying friends with endless kindness.

A friend who trains police dogs, who has a huge collection of knickers in every colour and pattern. Traumatised by an incident years back where a tear in her trousers exposed her underwear, she always colour matches her bottom half.

My partner with Aspergers - where to begin?

And me: Having once been very fat, I maintain strict calorie counting. I get weighed once a week, but as I don't want to know exactly what I weigh in case I go bonkers, I get my partner to write it down in a diary I never see.

First I try on a pair of tight jeans, then do my measurements with a tape. To be weighed I have worn the same cotton nightshirt for 25 years. It is torn, but I do not mend it in case the stitches make me weigh more on the scales. I am also accompanied by a small yellow pikachu toy who sits on the cistern to lend moral support, (squeeze him and he says "I wuv you!)

But I'm not mad - am I?


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