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21 Nov 2013

Moodscope was created to help people manage their mood better and we are committed to continually improving the Moodscope offer, driven by our members feedback.

Many of you have told us you'd really like the facility to view your graph over a longer time span so that you can learn from your long-term mood trends, but that you don't feel the need to use the Affectogram and Triggergram features offered by Moodscope Plus.

Other's have said they'd really like to subscribe or make a contribution to Moodscope to help others, can't afford to pay for Moodscope Plus, but would subscribe if there was a lower subscription option.

So, to address these needs, tomorrow we're introducing Moodscope Essential.

For just £2.99/$4.99/€3,49 Moodscope Essential will help you get a better insight into how your moods fluctuate over time. Flexible graph controls enable you to view your progress over just about any period you choose rather than only ever seeing a month at a time, and with the facility to add twice as many notes to each daily score, you'll have more information at your finger tips. It also includes an unlimited amount of buddies.

At the same time we're redesigning your home page to make it clearer and easier to use.

We are also offering the option to subscribe to Moodscope Plus on an annual basis at a reduced rate and the option to make this as a one-off payment for those of you who don't like ongoing subscriptions.

We continue to work on new features such as a mobile app.

Please remember every Moodscope subscription enables us to continue to provide Moodscope Lite to the many thousands of people who can't afford to subscribe.

We hope you like the changes and hope that Moodscope continues to be of help.

Thoughts on the above? Please feel free to post a comment below.

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