What fruit is not your friend?

26 Jun 2020

I like finding out more about Moodscopers and that is why I find the comments on the blog fascinating.

Sometimes I like to be a bit light hearted and ask a question just for fun.

What fruit do you find ridiculously hard to eat for various reasons, so you avoid it?

I heard a woman from the passionfruit association complaining that only one in 3 people like to eat passion fruit so her task was to entice people with new ways to eat passionfruit.

I cannot think of a fruit I do not like except for custard apple but I do not consider it a fruit. If you do like every fruit maybe mention a vegetable, you avoid.

Also, I find it it interesting to find out how you may have disliked a fruit or vegetable as a child but now like it. I could not eat beetroot, maybe as I thought it came in a tin till, I was 20!! I found it stained everything.

Did you have a bad experience the fist time you ate a persimmon like I did and ended up with a furry tongue!?

Is it the texture, the look, the flavour, the seeds, the smell that puts you off? Do you think the way we approach a new fruit reveals thing about a personality? As I said a bit of fun, but I find food preferences interesting.

I eat fruit when I am feeling ok but only fruits like mangoes, mandarins, watermelon, and then grapes when I feel down. I particularly like mangoes when in season and grapes that can cheer me up.


What fruit do you try to avoid or makes you feel queasy? What fruit or vegetable did you not like as a child but do now and vice versa? Are there certain fruits that affect your mood, or you choose when in a certain mood?


A Moodscope member.

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