'What goes around comes round'.

8 Sep 2016

Running my own company, I was hospitalised (forth and last time), in 1986, at 42 years of age... you know, unable to cope.

After six weeks in hospital and near to discharge, I was talking to a fellow patient, John, a 74 year old man, who had, (as he thought) lost everything.

John lived in a mansion, half the size of Longleat, set in acres and acres of land, with a half mile drive to his front door - he was wealthy.

He had built up an empire with offices in London, Manchester and Birmingham with his co-directors, as architects, finding and buying 'sites' on behalf of various supermarkets.

Under great pressure, he had 'burnt out'.

Whilst in hospital, his wife had left with one of his co-directors and they voted him off the board. She absconded with his yacht and locked him out of his home. She was filing for divorce and was taking him to the 'cleaners'.

John was sitting next to me in tears; he was in suicidal mode.

I shall not forget his words, "I have nothing to live for". He had two sons, with a property he was renting out, which he'd put in their names.

Bankruptcy he thought, was going to take this property, leaving him penniless and 'out on the streets'.

I was going home for the weekend and I said I'd seek a lawyer friend's help.

Returning back to clinic on the Monday, I said my legal friend advised that his wife could not take this property, away from him. The look of joy, in this old man's eyes was a blessing to behold.

Out of hospital and back under pressure myself, six months later, my wife answered the door, "Somebody's here to see you" she said.

I did not recognise the man standing before me, it was John, walking unaided, his looks were vibrant, full of determination.

What an example, this man, at 74, had started up a new business. His clients had discovered his plight, left his old company, and put their business and trust his way.

Driving a new Range Rover, John wanted to buy from me, all office machines and furniture for his new offices, worth a great deal of money.

Verging on tears, the thought came into my head, 'Heavenly Father' above, had born witness once again, that "losing myself in the service of others", gives purpose, to this mortal life.

Personal, inner peace, and inner happiness.

'What goes round, came around', to both giver and recipient.

To give without expecting anything in return... is not 'holier than thou', not religious, but Christlike.


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