“What have you done now?”

26 Mar 2021

My 5th grade teacher was leaning over at my work when she grabbed my exercise book and shouted, “What have you done now?”

Before I could explain in my frightened voice that I tried hard to be neat. She told me and the class what a messy lazy student I was and how was it possible to get so many smudges on one page.

I looked at the student next to me and noticed Susan’s beautiful work, straight margin and lovely handwriting and everything perfectly drawn.

Whenever I see those words “What have you done now? I start thinking of all these words an adult has said to me as a child or as an adult. It only occurred to me some time later that it could be a positive question with the right vocal tone.


What I invite you to do is start with the question “What have you done now?” You can emphasise any word. And write whatever comes into your head. You can be the person asking the question or you may be person the question was aimed at. It can be true, based on truth or creative.

Just a bit of creative fun. I think those five words have meaning for me in my life but have a different meaning for others. What do you feel when you hear those words? No right or wrong answers.


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