What I’m trying and will it work?

Self care
25 Oct 2022

As you all know I’ve been trying for quite sometime to get rid of the so called sludge aka depression. There are some ups and many downs. So I thought I’d list what I’m trying in the hope that maybe what I’m doing might help someone else to try it, see if it benefits them in the long run:

1) I go the gym 3 times a week and do strength training

2) I talk to a therapist online every two weeks (this is a recent thing)

3) I’ve started to run for 30mins on the days that I’m not at the gym to include that cardiovascular workout

4) I’m reading a book called ‘flow - the psychology of happiness’ (so in general read)

5) I’m seeing a counsellor offered by work (this is also a new thing)..it’s a free resource so using it because I actually need it.

6) taking medication for the sludge (something I’ve grown to not like but have to..reason why I don’t like it because I know they don’t last.)

So you’d think..wow! You are doing a lot and you should be jumping out of bed! But I’m not, I’m trying every day that I get up in the morning and it’s bloody hard to do most of the things above. I really hope one or two of the above can maybe help you. I’ll report back at some point to hopefully say what is working and what is not.

Of course I’ve simplified my life into those things, but life ain’t that simple hey!


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