What is the point of it?

30 Jun 2018

What is the point of depression? There always seems to be an evolutionary point to everything. In the millions and millions of years in which we have evolved as human beings, instinctively we evolve ways of coping with life which allowed us to survive and thrive. For example our "fight or flight" reaction when confronted with an emergency - pumping adrenaline to enable our bodies to react instantly.

Emotional reactions usually served a purpose. Anger is a source of energy and enables us to try harder when stopped from doing something we want.

So I got thinking what is the point of depression?

When depressed we often loose energy and give up on things, we can see ourselves as inferior even worthless: we loose confidence and can become submissive, irritable and hide away. So when might our ancestors have found it useful to give up on things?

Some suggestions being:

Coping with loss of a loved one?

Avoid taking on overwhelming odds?

Coping with being defeated and subordinated?

What do you think is or was the point of depression?

Does knowing it help in any way?



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