What is your excuse?

13 Oct 2023

I think most of us have made an excuse either real or not or have had people tell us an excuse which we may believe or not.

When I was a teenager, back in the day, when the telephone was in the kitchen or lounge room, one’s conversations were not private. One day my brother was telling his friend he couldn’t go out with him as his mother said he must stay home for a family gathering. We looked at each other as there was no gathering and he had used my mum as an excuse so he didn’t have to go out with his friend.

There’s the favourite excuse of the dog ate my homework, but I wonder did that ever really happen to anyone or did anyone have a real excuse for not doing homework.

Have you ever used an excuse for having a day of work.? A friend worked in a place where people always said their grandparents died. When her grandmother died and she needed to go to the funeral her boss didn’t believe her.

I am thinking what excuse do you feel was the most imaginative or what excuse was true but no one believed you? What excuse did someone tell you that you thought was creative but untrue? Why do we sometimes  use an excuse instead of just saying the truth?


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