What lesson did I learn?

18 Jun 2020

People often ask me what I have learnt from my loss in the Australian bushfires, having lost my home and my business and I find it hard to answer.

One thing I would say is, if there is something you have meaning to do with photos, sorting through family archives, please do not put it off.

I had a couple scrapbooks from my grandparents shop where my grandfather had saved every advertisement put into a paper and pasted into a scrapbook. One day, I used to think I will scan all those advertisements and keep the family history.

One day never came.

I had my mums war album full of photos, writing, and artwork and I was going to scan that too.

I can not list all the things I wish I put on memory sticks. We all think we have time but if a disaster happens you do not, and I wish I had been more prepared. I cannot do anything about my loss, but I can advise you think about all those little tasks of organising letters, photos, family history and start them today.

What I have learnt is one day never comes but today is here. Is there one small task you can start today?

I hope none of you lose your possessions, but knowing you are prepared can help.


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