What makes your heart sing?

2 Apr 2015

When we put our heart into something, it is often said to contain 'passion'...which in its origins came from the Latin 'pati' meaning to suffer.

Interestingly, the people who generally inspire us most, are those who have truly suffered to achieve what they have. It is their story, with all its emotions that enables us to 'feel' for them and their rise to success and even fame.

When reading recently I came across something that made great sense to me. Please answer the questions below for yourself as you go through them – even write them down.

If we ask people "What do you do?" we likely receive their job role or title. (what did you say or write?)

If we ask "What are you passionate about?" we may be told the subject or interest that they seek to fulfil in their job or even perhaps their spare time!

If however we ask "What is it that makes your heart sing?" we shift the conversation to an almost spiritual emotional connection and what truly moves them, which may be quite different from the first two. Here, they are far more likely to take the risk and truly show themselves, unlike the first two that will usually stay safe and IQ.

In answering the last question, you will not be talking about a passing interest or a hobby. A passion is something that is intensely meaningful and core to your identity.

If you ever want to connect with someone, simply talk about what makes your heart sing – as in doing so, you will far more than anything, literally be speaking from the heart.

To do so, will show your authentic self and thus the coherence with the other person, or of course the dissonance with them.

Now, how far are you going to dilute your 'heart's voice' to find or stay in work? Or conversely how much are you going to reveal it to find your true vocation?

As you go through your conversations today, give each one a rating out of 10 for authentic meaningful passionate heartfelt 'stuff'. Can you actually reveal your true self? And if your scores are low, is it any wonder your hearts not in it and your looking elsewhere?

The challenge is 'what makes your heart sing' and does it impact on your daily activities?

If not – can you be happy?


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