What others say about you

16 Dec 2022

How many times has some told you not to worry about what others think and to relax? My mum used to say I should not worry what others think of me as they are too busy worrying what I am thinking of them. I have had people tell me to relax don’t worry about others and then in the next breath tell me how something someone said upset them.

So is it possible for those who do care and worry about what others think not to, or can we try to lighten the burden of worrying and try to minimise being upset. 

We are social beings, considering others’ comments can be difficult to avoid. Thinking too much about what other people say about us may affect our self-esteem. When we care about how our behaviour affects others caring it may help us in our relationships.  Of course, things can get out of hand. Listening to our friends’ concerns is different than worrying about every little thing someone thinks of us. 

This list shows opinions of others might be unhelpful to you if,

You worry and obsess about some comment someone said.

You let other people make decisions for you.

You don’t talk if your opinion is not the same as the majority.

You find it hard to say no.

You’re always saying sorry even when it was not your fault.

How many describe you?

I think three fit me and maybe four depending on the context.

Are you someone who does not care what others say about you or do you worry what others say or does it depend on context or your mood.

Any advice for not caring about what others say?



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