What spontaneous thing did you do recently?

30 Jun 2022

Friends and family have said to me that I am not spontaneous at all, even going on a picnic needs to be planned. I tell them I can be spontaneous, but I need to plan!


When I was manic, I would show many impulsive and spontaneous behaviours, but most were financially risky or dangerous or socially inappropriate or maybe illegal and sometimes all of them at once.

Now I am medicated I am afraid of being impulsive again, but the stability often means I miss the fun.

I am interested what sort of fun spontaneous things Moodscopers do and why they are enjoyable. I wonder if there are people like me who find it hard to be spontaneous. Maybe there is a reason or maybe innately people just like to plan.

What spontaneous thing have you done recently?

Do you like doing things on the spur of the moment?

Are you a bit cautious about being impulsive for a reason or just because you do not like to?


A Moodscope member.

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