What “therapy” suits you?

3 Jul 2020

There are so many different types of therapy that have been used over the years with talking therapy, water therapy. colour therapy. aromatherapy, cognitive therapy behaviour therapy, sound therapy and art therapy

There will probably a lot more 5that I have forgotten to mention.

I remember when retail therapy with a big joke that made fun of usually women who loved to shop.

They would say let us go retail therapy go to an expensive shop buy lots of things and of course all one’s cares would be washed away.

This year I have found that retail therapy means that that to me buying things from op shop, so it does not cost me much.

It really does help me maybe me through a little time.

It is hard to explain when I come back from volunteering in the 4 hours with my backpack and the three bags full of books and soft toys.

I am not trying to replace what I lost but I take pleasure in secondhand items.

My partner isn't very impressed but honestly I know one day soon I'm going to have to really cut down as we won't have enough room in the house and in the meantime if it helps me it can’t be that bad.

I like to hear from anyone reading this to tell me about something that helps It may be a therapy mentioned or something unusual or really anything that you do that helps you through a hard time.

I would love you to share and tell me how it helps you.

For this blog therapy is loosely defined as anything that helps you. It does not have to have any psychological basis. I keep thinking of more pet therapy, garden therapy, dancing therapy.

I would like to know how you are helped and why you think it works.


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