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28 Jan 2016

"Beautiful light is born of darkness, so the faith that springs from conflict

is often the strongest and the best." R. Turnbull

I have always loved this quote for many reasons.

Firstly I think it provides hope (see Lex's blog on Monday) and if there is no hope – there is nothing.

No matter how many times we have been depressed or manic – those reading this are still here. And intellectually we know, we can survive, although we don't feel we can if our minds go dark – again. What is it this time that will allow us to emerge back into that beautiful light?

One thing is for sure, it's supportive friends and family – along with possibly a mixture of pills, distractions and a desire to go on, even from minute to minute.

I also see the benefits I have felt as I have survived years of depression. I am more understanding of others and thus more able to sympathise as well as even empathise.

I take more time when feeling OK to see the beauty in everything around me – the clouds, the sunsets, the flowers and many more, along with helping others to more fully understand themselves.

We can only truly serve ourselves by serving others.

It also makes me think of the best relationships that I have. They are usually there due to one or both of us forgiving the other for some form of behaviour. (See January 15th's blog – forgiveness.)

That relationship is usually stronger if it has almost ended. That look into the darkness and contemplating it ending and then realising there is more to lose by ending it – allows us to explore even further why 'we' are there and find that forgiveness for certain behaviour. After all, who are we to judge, when our behaviour could be going up and down like a yoyo?

There is also the word 'faith' in the quote.

It kinda goes with 'hope'... that faith (which of course is blind) tells you that there is something ahead, or it may be 'faith' in one of the many 'Gods' that inhabit the lives of many, or even in the faith of others in you, when you have lost yours.

So wherever you are mentally just now, what are you looking for? Are you looking for good things – because if you are, you will most likely find them. Or are you looking for negative things, because, guess what, you'll just as easily find them.

If you are now driven to write a comment about how your life is all bad right now... that's because you only see it that way and yet unlike many, you are still here.

So out of our darkness, what 'beautiful light' can you see right now?

Write from your heart what are you looking for and what can you therefore see?


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