What Will Make Your Heart Sing...?

22 Oct 2014

Sitting alone,

With thoughts on my mind.

Listening to music,

What do I find?

Images and thoughts,

from my past life.

Faces and places,

That can cut like a knife.

Emotions and feelings,

Threaded through all.

Names and faces,

That continuous toll.

We live such rich lives,

As we seek our way,

So many tunes,

That for a time hold sway.

Different songs,

Take our mind back.

Different lyrics,

To write our own track.

The years roll by,

And hearts can cry.

Important decisions,

Do we live or die?

Did you love or leave,

Too early in life?

Have you lost, to grieve,

A boy or a wife?

Or have you grown,

As life opens up?

With courage to shift,

The past to usurp.

Where are you now,

In this thing called life?

It's the direction you're moving,

That brings joy or strife.

What's in your heart,

That needs to be clear.

That's all that'll keep,

Joy from austere.

Open that feeling,

To what's right for you.

Look into your heart,

For what is true.

Then decide to follow,

To the depth of your soul.

Whatever you find,

As you seek your goal.

Forget all else,

In this busyness of life.

Please inscape in you,

Use that emotional knife.

To cut through the crap,

That escaping brings.

You have only one life,

What will make your heart sing?

What thoughts arose when you read the above?

What feelings emerged?

Which line caught your spirit?

Because that was your heart (your intuition) speaking to you.

The question now is - what direction can you move in, to make your heart sing?


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