What would you like to invent or adapt?

3 Sep 2020

I like finding out more about Moodscopers and am interested in what people reveal about themselves in comments. I have done a few thoughtful blogs, so I thought it was time for a more light-hearted. One that will still bring out different parts of our diverse personalities. I also think a topic like this helps those who  have not replied before but maybe have been thinking about it.

I sometimes am doing something, and I think why they do not invent this or adapt that. I do not have the skill to follow these ideas, but I often wonder why.

Sticky tape/Sellotape/ adhesive tape (I hope to have covered the word in different countries) has troubled me. It is so hard to find the end of the roll unless it is on a dispenser. I wonder why they don’t  invent something to indicate when the roll starts. Maybe it could be something that turns it a dark colour when cut off. Not an amazing thought but would make life easier.


So put on your thinking caps, or maybe you have a few ideas of things that you wish were invented. I was thinking of everyday objects but really could be anything.

When my children were small, I wished their clothes could be stain resistant to every stain in the world. If there was a stain my children would find it!!

It can be a concept. I wished that there was a bell I would hear before I took on too much and became exhausted and often sick. If I had a warning bell letting me know not to take on anymore it would help me.

So, what would you like to invent, have someone invent, adapt, or have an idea that would make life easier?


A Moodscope member

Thoughts on the above? Please feel free to post a comment below.

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