20 May 2021

When my daughter was a teenager, her favourite phrase was ‘Talk to the hand’ and her most used word was ‘Whatever’ which was accompanied by eye rolling and an ohhhh Mum!

That was 20 years ago and now I notice adults, even my age, are saying the word ‘whatever’ and it does annoy me because I feel it is a throw away word and it feels I am being patronised. I could be wrong.

Someone may ask me something and I think of the answer but obviously not the answer the way they expected so they shrug their shoulders and say ‘Whatever’.

I know this seems quite trivial when one considers all the problems Moodscopers face each day.

For me it is easier to talk about the small things that annoy me than the ones I find overwhelming.

Do you have a word that you find frustrating?

What do you think of the word ‘Whatever’?

Or is it not the word but the context and the tone and emotion that is communicated.

Do you find that if you are in a low mood certain words annoy you more than usual?


A Moodscope member.

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