What's happening to the kids in this crisis?

6 Mar 2021

I think my son is coping well with Covid and lockdown. He's 15, being schooled online and not going out or seeing anyone apart from us. For nearly a year.

He's online most of the time when he's not online to school. I thought, OK, that's the way things are these days and at least he's talking to all his friends even if he can't be with them.

I've been looking at TikTok because I found out my son has an account so I wanted to monitor what he's doing, plus some of it is fun to watch.

I came across a boy who was talking about giving up, telling everyone he'd had enough. Apparently he had no family left so felt he wasn't hurting anyone.

I talked to my son about it. I said what can you do about this, can anyone help him, does anyone monitor these things and offer support. He said no!

He said, it's everywhere. Lots of kids are saying the same, the've had enough.

I was so sad. I don't believe these kids are sharing their feelings with their families, just with all the people they don't know on social media.

I'm sure a lot of it is the kids venting their frustration, but what if it's not?

What can we do to help the kids caught up in this? It's difficult enough under normal circumstances at that age.

What would you suggest? Are your kids experiencing problems through the pandemic?

Am I unduly worried?


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