What’s so funny?

5 Mar 2021

Have you ever been watching a movie, listening to a comedian and being the only one laughing?

People say “What’s so funny?”, but it is hard to say, it just is funny to you.

Have you ever been recommended a movie, a TV series, a book, or a comedian as being so funny you will laugh till you cry, but find you do not find it funny at all?

Humour I find is so individual, so personal and can also depend what mood I am in as to what I find funny. I am hesitant to ever recommend something I find funny as not everyone, well not many share my humour.

I was thinking what I find funny and I find that hard, but I can tell you what I don’t find funny. I don’t find adults or children getting hit in the groin or the head or hurting themselves at all funny. I don’t find people who make fun of others and humiliate them funny.

So, what do I find funny? Humour that is unpredictable, humour that is clever, humour that challenges me in some way, humour that is provocative.

I want to look at what is the essence of what you find funny. I would rather not have  a list of people or shows or books you find funny. I would rather look at what is it that makes you laugh, what you find funny, is there a difference.?

Does your mood affect what you find funny?

Do you feel you laugh at things that others do not? Why?

Does your sense of humour change as you get older?


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