What's the meaning of life?

3 Dec 2015

Steady on Debs, that's a bit full-on for this time in the morning (afternoon, evening)!!

But really, what's the meaning of life? Or should I say, what's the meaning of your life? Because everyone is different. There is no one meaning. Life is essentially meaning-less. The only meaning is the one we give it. The story we write and the role we give ourselves.

I am going on a date tomorrow (small round of applause please; it's been a while ;-)) and when I was talking to the lucky boy in question he asked me what I'd like to do. The process of deciding took me through a whole realm of options until I realised that the date would be whatever we created it to be. Whatever story we wrote and whatever characters we created for ourselves.

I heard a true story recently of a guy whose teenage daughter was going off the rails, mixing with the wrong crowd and going down a dark path. The guy had tried everything: talked to her, grounded her, shouted at her and nothing worked. So... he decided to write a new story. And in that moment he created the possibility of building an orphanage in Uganda. And his excitement and drive to make it happen slowly got under his daughter's skin. He didn't force her to take part, he just quietly got on with it... but little by little she got involved and started to play a role in this new story. And her old story lost its meaning. She eventually moved from lead role in the play about herself and took up a supporting role in the tale of the orphanage.

I was so inspired by this it got me thinking about my own story and where I could write a new one. What story would I create for my son to play a role in? For my friends to star in? For my (often dysfunctional) family to rehearse together, and in doing so bring us all closer together?

What about you, what story will you write today? And what character will you play to take you nearer to a life of meaning?

With much love

Debs xxx

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