When in doubt take something as a compliment

3 Sep 2021

Waking up to another day of decluttering on the horizon. sense of heaviness, emptiness. Treasures uncovered, mostly purple files and forgotten novels. Needing to be donated.

The nearest place to offload our surplus is The Climate Shop. The profits from sales are converted into tree saplings to be planted in Kenya.

Today I went in and the lady volunteer said, “You were in on Friday. You remind me of Miriam Margolyes.” I am not sure how to take this comment.

Many years ago, maybe fifteen or twenty, when it was still our Post Office, I was waiting in the queue to be served. Someone in the queue said “Have I told you that you remind me of someone I know called Helen?” My response was “Well as long as it was a good reminder I am ok about it.”

His reply was “No she was horrible.” I didn’t speak to him for years after that episode.

I shouldn’t have asked the lady volunteer in The Climate Shop about whether it was a good reminder or not, but it seems to be my default position. She was kind and complimentary. ”She is so real. I like her.” This cancels out the previous negative memory.

Have any Moodscopers experienced anything similar?


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