When Ratty Met Shelley.

12 Mar 2018

In the second instalment of the Moodscope Men ('Men' in homage to 'The Mr Men' – no other gender bias intended), we meet Mr Irritable – first name 'Ratty'!

Ratty was not a happy chappy.

Everything got under his skin.

It didn't even have to be big stuff.

On some days, it was tons of little things that got him huffing and puffing and blowing his joy away.

That was until he met Shelley Oyster at a networking meeting.

Shelley said, "I really like seeing you at these meetings, you've got such a great sense of humour, and yet you seem really bothered about so many irritations. How can I help?"

Ratty said, "Oh, I'd love some help, I've always been like this though – and so have my parents. It seems to run in my family... like noses!"

They both laughed. Then Shelley shared, "We have a different approach in our family – it's been passed down from generation to generation. In fact, I can remember the day my Gran took me on her knee and told me about the family magic."

Ratty was fascinated, and asked, "Will you share this magic with me?"

"Yes! I'd be delighted," said Shelley. "We wrap every irritation in a magic potion. It's called possibility thinking..."

Ratty interrupted with a big huff. "I'm not into that tree-hugging positive thinking – it's just not realistic!"

"I agree!" said Shelley. "This isn't positive thinking, it's 'possibility' thinking. With possibility thinking you take the irritation and flow around it with the thoughts of how this could possibly turn out for the good. You might be making stuff up but it gives you enough time to stop being huffy before it's too late and you spoil your day."

"OK, that sounds doable – can you give me an example?"

"Yes! You miss your flight and you think to yourself, 'Maybe I'll meet someone whom I otherwise wouldn't have met.' I know people who have met their soul-mates and even life-partners through missing a flight!"

"I wish you'd be my life-partner!" declared Ratty – in a most uncharacteristic moment of impulsive joy. He was so attracted to Shelley's possibility thinking... and to the possibility of spending the rest of his life with someone so radiantly joyful.

"I was secretly hoping you'd ask!" Shelley said. "My answer is 'Yes!' – if you're proposing!"

And so our story has a happy ending. Shelley and Ratty got married, and I'm delighted to say Shelley's possibility thinking rubbed off on old Ratty! (It can so often be the other way around, can't it?) Instead of getting irritable all the time, Shelley helped him to 'pause for possibilities' – to reflect just long enough to see each situation in a new light.

And, in due season, they had a beautiful daughter, who they called 'Pearl'. I'd like to imagine that this is where we get the phrase, "Irritation is the beginning of a pearl," it's a possibility, isn't it?


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