Where is it?

11 Aug 2022

A well-known Australian columnist was asked years ago when he had written a weekly column for many years, where does he get his ideas? Does he ever run out of things to write about?

He said one day as a deadline was looming and he had no idea, he opened his miscellaneous drawer and started writing about all the different objects that ended up there.

Most homes have one a drawer where all the bits and bobs that have nowhere else to go, end up.

Some people have a small drawer, some have an organised drawer divided into sections, while other have small cupboards and some, like a friend I know, has a big wooden box where she puts things that don’t fit anywhere else.

So, what’s in my drawer, for me there are odd bits of string, surplus pens and pencils, cardboard and other paper that is to be recycled. I wonder how  a large drawer has so much stuffed in it that  the drawer is often jammed.

I wonder why so many people have such a drawer when all the items may have a place elsewhere.

I would like you to share what you have in your drawer or box etc and what do you call it? Is the drawer helpful for finding things or do you feel it is so full you may need to organise it better?


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