Who am I?

18 Nov 2016

There is a trend now in self-help books, creative books and workshops and seminars to find one's authentic self, one's real self, one's true self.

I have struggled to work out who I am let alone try to find my authentic self, I can't even work out what my self is.

I admire people who from an early age seem to have the instinct and confidence to know exactly who they are.

Being labelled as bipolar at 16 did not help me work out what sort of person I was but truthfully before that I was confused.

When my moods became more stable I was never sure if I was the talkative extrovert, the talkative introvert, or the quiet girl who sat in the corner reading a book.

Now I wonder if I am a compassionate person who sometimes is impatient and sarcastic. Or am I an impatient sarcastic person who is sometimes compassionate?

This quest to find one's voice is especially important I have read for creative writing. My problem is I have never had one to lose so how can I find it.

Why is there sudden emphasis on finding one's authentic self. My parents managed to live a long life without ever reading a book about finding one's real self. I am sure that these books and article really help people live a more fulfilled life.

However for people like me who have trouble trying work out who they are, all this emphasis on searching for the real self, puts even more pressure on us.

Can I live a full life without ever finding my accurate self or finding my voice?

Have you found your authentic self? Is it an important quest for you?


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