Who am I?

12 Apr 2019

In my life my experiences have taught me it is not wise to tell strangers everything about oneself. They may use what you may disclose to further their own aims, and/or to cause harm or mischief to you. I found to my cost I was too trusting of people and so now I try to be careful with my information. I dislike that this is so, but there we are, life does things to us and shapes us.

You don't really need to know who I am, not my real name, nor my birthplace, my gender or my race. I am not of any great significance, I have garnered no fame or notoriety and no-one in my family has come to any public attention, and I prefer to keep that so if possible.

But, I belong amongst you; I have an affinity here, believe you me.

Over the past few years I have sat quietly and listened to the conversations you have had. I have heard the stories you have told. I have absorbed your pain and marvelled at your resilience. I have laughed and cried, with you and for you and for myself, and I have read and reread your blogs and responses.

I have learnt from you: from your triumphs and mistakes, from your differing ideologies, ways of living, coping strategies, alternative theories and treatments and remedies. I have taken nurture from you and you have given me strength to better accept all that I am.

I am the better for having stepped through your doors.

I have offered, and will offer, my own comments, empathy and (hopefully) advice; for I have a lifetime of my own experiences and from them perhaps something useful can be learned.

Is it time to try a blog or two . . .?


A Moodscope member.

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