Who am I?

4 Aug 2014

I am more than my disorder.

I am more than 'suicidal'.

I am more than 'depressed'.

I am more than my self loathing.

I am more than my self harm!

I am more than my 'social anxiety'!

I am MORE than my 'depersonalization'!

I am more than what has happened to me!

My name is Kayti.

I like books and music and art, and I enjoy being around people like me. I like to cook. I like to smile. I like the mountains. I like trees. I like flowers. I like nature. I like dresses. I like combat boots. I like leather. I like owls. I am funny and creative and nice and caring. I like helping people. I like twizlers. I like wish bracelets. I like tattoos. I like being an individual.

This is who I am!

I am not what I 'have'.

I am ME!

This is something I often forget. I forget who I am and only remember what I am. Today, I will remember who I am and what I like and what makes me happy. I will remember that I am me and no matter how many labels I have, that will never change. It's about time I did.


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