Who are you?

12 Jun 2014

"Until you make peace with who you are, you'll never be content with what you have." Doris Mortman.

Often I ask people to answer the question, 'who are you?' The best way to do this sometimes, is to grab a pen and paper and write something down and see what falls out.

You may have written about what you do, or what you believe, or how you feel - but have you tackled the key question - 'who are you?'

Very few people actually take the time to 'be' and not just 'do'...and of course we need to participate in both, to play our, or any part in this world.

It is all too easy to journey outwards - to 'escape', to fill your head with 'busyness' stuff and spend your time 'doing' yet more stuff to occupy yourself - especially in this instant internet world of today. Going in - 'inscaping' is by far the scarier yet far richer place to journey than 'escaping'

The journey 'in' however - is the only real journey there is, to each and every one of us. Who am I?

If you have not gone 'in', before you go 'out' what, or dare I say 'who', are you taking into that world of family, community, workplace or even place of worship? What is it like to meet a truly authentic and open person? Someone you feel totally safe with. Someone you can offer whatever is in your head - you do not have to filter your thoughts to be safe - you can simply 'be' you.

Those people, have all 'inscaped' first, to find and be comfortable with themselves, before they are secure enough, like a lighthouse on its rock, to deal with all the 'storms' that life will throw at them. So how secure is your footing - your base - your authenticity, for you to be able to shine your light?

The word vocation comes from the Latin 'vocare' meaning 'your voice'. How many of us take time to find our one true voice - our passion? You will know people who have found their voice. They have endless energy - are happy to show humility while offering their heartfelt thoughts with the most compassionate intent - as they know how it feels to receive 'offerings' from a false intent

So today - go 'in' - and then go 'out' and help others to feel safe in your company, to be able to be truly themselves and with compassionate care enable them to feel truly listened to. After all, to be truly 'heard', feeds the soul.

To serve is to lead...


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