Who decides what is good for me?

24 Feb 2019

Marys blog a while ago, about what brings us joy made me think, that maybe all the things that bring me joy and I like doing are really things that I am told are not good for me. I know eating chocolates is not good for me, but it does bring me joy in moderation of and I do like spending money but of course have to be careful I don't spend too much even though I need to buy stock for my shop.

I am intrigued by something a friend said by making 'feeling good' your goal. What happens if the thing that makes you feel good is actually not very good for you? Like eating my chocolates or staying at home, because it might make me anxious to go out socially.

If I like to stay home and eat chocolate and that brings me joy but others say it is not good for me, does that mean I have to choose something others approve of?

My friend cannot understand me and says that feeling good would exclude anything that is not good for me, as, if feeling good is my goal, then these things would not be on my plan.

My friend says that if my goal is to feel good why would I do something that is not in my best interests.

I maybe different, but eating chocolate, staying home and spending money does make me feel good and brings me joy.

So, who decides what brings us joy and what is good for us?


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