Who is in your support network?

29 Jun 2020

I have four major support networks:

My psychologist and my psychiatrist. My immediate family. My trusted friends.

For me, the Covid‐19 shutdown started on March 13. For the past 14 weeks, I asked my psychologist and psychiatrist to be the pillars of my support network.

I asked each of them to contact me once a week, so I could lean on them to regain my balance and to navigate through the new reality we are all facing.

Most importantly, my psychiatrist fine‐tuned my medication so my sleep is back on track... ESSENTIAL for my wellbeing.

Meditation, yoga and breathing exercises have grounded me and bring me back to the present moment. I learned that while I cannot control what happens around me, I certainly can control my anxiety.

The best advice they gave me is this: unplug. Turn off the TV, stop listening to the constant, daily stream of “breaking news …

Instead, in the evening I bring out the puzzles, the magic markers and coloring book... and for a few hours I focus on a reassuring, simple and creative activity that brings me joy. And in the background, I chose a YouTube video with the sound of ocean waves... bringing me tranquility amidst the storm.

Who are your pillars?


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