1 Jun 2019

I love questions, I wrote a blog about too many questions a while ago.

Today this blog is brought to you about the question word 'Why' and its place in the world.

There is an urban myth that may be true of a first year philosophy exam whose only question was 'Why'?

Most students wrote frantically the whole time but one student left very soon after writing simply 'Why not'. That answer was given highest mark.

There was a scientist who had a show on the Television in Australia to popularise science. His favourite saying was 'Why is it so?'

Why do we ask 'Why' questions when sometimes the answers can be predictable.

Because why?

Because I said so.

Because it has always been done like this.

So how do you feel about the questions below?


Why not?

Why is it so?

Why do you always ask why?

Do you ask yourself a lot of 'Why' questions?

Ask questions, answer questions whatever helps you to understand the place 'Why' has in your life.


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