Wisdom received from Moodscopers - Part 1.

19 Oct 2015

Following my previous blog "Thank-you Moodscope" (29 September) here is the first part of what I have learnt since joining Moodscope.

I have learnt...

1. To "be" more... and to 'do' less. To be more accepting of myself and of my situation,

to be more open to the future and to be more confident that I will deal with whatever comes, to be more rooted in the present moment, and not reliving past conversations or events, to 'do' everything less frantically and to go with the flow, to 'do' things less perfectly. (I know, either something is perfect or it isn't, but you get my drift. After all, a Grade A is usually 80% or above – so that allows me 20% mistakes!)

2. To savour small pleasures daily. The shared joke with a colleague, the smile from a stranger, an interesting programme, turning the radio up and dancing whilst singing at the top of my voice, a lovely cuppa (actually, make that three lovely cuppas!)

3. To live more fully in the moment (which allows my intuition and creativity to flourish). Watching the clouds floating by, the raindrops on the window, the flickering candle flame, the different flight patterns of birds, enjoying the feel of the sun, the sound of children playing.

4. That quality relaxation is essential for my well-being (and that of those around me!) and any associated guilt is not helpful to me or to my nearest and dearest. I am more effective after a good rest, or after a quality break (no, I don't like the term 'quality time' but agree with the concept!)

5. That any exercise, however gentle and brief, will improve my mood. A few gentle stretches whilst listening to a piece of soothing music, a stroll to the corner shop, a walk in the park, a bike ride, a swim or an aqua fit class, a yoga session.

I can now change "I have learnt..." to "Today I choose (to accept)..."


A Moodscope member.

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