27 Feb 2021

I have often wondered if I found myself single (no not wishful thinking ha ha. Sometimes maybe!) how would I describe myself and what qualities would I like in a new partner, temporary or permanent.

I don’t know the full details of how Tinder or Grinder work and it may be that those seeking relationships go by appearance only.

However in some print publications the relationships columns still have descriptions.

I’ve always wondered if I should write that I’m depressed or an insomniac and would like to met someone who is also depressed and an insomniac.

Or should I not mention these things?

The trouble would be that on the day we met, expectations would be high that I’d be cheerful and witty, sparkling etc. I might be having an off day! More than likely.

And do I want to meet a happy clappy cheerful person?

I’m not sure what I would write.

Probably I would warn them that I have tendency to have low moods but I can be cheerful on good days. I wouldn’t want to put them off. On the other hand I don’t want to disappoint on the first meeting so honesty is probably sensible.

Of course looks are important to many initially. And age! Oh dear lies come to mind.

How would you describe yourself to a potential partner, imagined (for me…) or real?

I suppose what I am trying to ask is how do we see ourselves and is it helpful to reveal how we feel to a potential date or should we leave it to fate, chance and surprise.

And what sort of person would you like to meet? Yes I know we’d all like George Clooney or Rihanna look alikes.


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